Collaborative Artist Books   hand-bound books conceived and created for exhibition and public programs 

Anthropological Anthology    public program with the Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles and the National Endowment for the Arts based upon Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Summer Island  accordion binding in found book covers, photography, drawing

content copyright 2019 Lisa Occhipinti/all rights reserved

Blacker Tendencies of Storms  limited edition fan book, poetry/Peter Beaman, photography and book design/Lisa Occhipinti 


Persons & Places codex binding in found book covers, composite photography with excerpts from the original text

Saints and Rebels  concertina binding in found book covers, composite photography

Memoir embroidered photographs on cotton with linen 

Artist Books
A title or a book’s
​theme sparks a new story for these handmade artist books. As reliable and tangible sequences of visual information, they are counterpoint to the swipe of a screen.

Asleep in the Afternoon  photographs in accordion binding in vintage book covers

Present Tense   public program with the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, accompanying the exhibition, Literally

Labyrinth  photographs in accordion binding with hand-stitching in found book covers 

Pastoral  photographs re-bound in altered book 

What Remains   public program with the Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles accompanying the artists' books exhibition, Chapters


The Lady of the Lake  simple binding in found book cover, composite photography with drawing, hand-marbelized paper